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Majority of planners don't personalise events

Eventsforce finds lack of time and resources the key reasons as to why 73 per cent don't use personalisation at their events

Pictured: George Sirius, CEO of Eventsforce

More than 80 per cent of event planners say personalisation is a key priority, yet more than two-thirds admit they don't consistently use it in their events.

The findings have been revealed in a survey by Eventsforce, which found that lack of time and resources were the main reasons why personalisation wasn't more readily used.

More than 160 event planners across the UK and US were interviewed for the research, with just 27 per cent saying personalisation was readily used in their events. An overwhelming 97 per cent agreed that personalisation could change a delegate's perception of a brand or event.

"Personalisation is seen as one of the hottest trends in our industry this year with delegates increasingly expecting both the communication about an event and the live experience to be tailored to them in some way,” said George Sirius, CEO of Eventsforce. 

"Sophisticated data capture tools from event registration systems and RFID to online surveys and event apps are helping organisations collect and analyse valuable delegate information to create more powerful and customised event experiences. The study reveals how important the issue has become in the industry, what event planners are doing and some of the most common barriers to personalisation."

The factors preventing the respondents from better personalising their events were time and resources (60 per cent), lack of technology (38 per cent) and lack of delegate information (31 per cent).

When asked about the different marketing tools used to tailor delegate experiences, the most common was personalised links within email communications (68 per cent), followed by unique registration paths for different attendee categories (57 per cent) and creating personalised educational content as part of their general outreach campaign prior to an event. 

More than 80 per cent admitted they don’t offer delegate networking tools to their attendees.

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