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Meeting Needs sees Cambodia water project near completion

Industry charity co-funded clean water project delivered by Just a Drop

Pictured: Meeting Needs has co-funded a project to bring clean water to 1,000 people in the Cambodian village of Angkoul

A major water, hygiene and sanitation project co-funded by industry charity Meeting Needs is bringing clean water to almost 1,000 people in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia.

Supported by Meeting Needs, Reed Elsevier and Wendy Wu Tours and managed by Just a Drop, the project is providing six drinking wells with hand-pumps, 198 biosand filters and 68 householders with the basic materials to build their own pit latrines in the village of Angkoul.

The village has a population of 945 people in 198 households and 10 per cent of the population (95 children) are under the age of five. So far, 104 biosand filters have been installed, 50 of which have been in use for two weeks, while each household has been trained on proper use and maintenance in addition to hygiene and sanitation education.

Construction of the latrines is still in progress, and wells will be built soon. 

Kievtoeurn, a grandmother in the village, has only had her filter working for five days but said: “The new water tastes so good and now no more boiling is needed and that saves wood.” Commenting on the latrine she said: “It’s good as it’s close and saves getting up early to go to fields." She also now has soap and can wash properly in private.

Meeting Needs chairperson Jennifer Jenkins said: “We were delighted to work with Just a Drop on this project and the results thus far are fantastic. Well done to all connected with the project.”

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