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New agency Dormand & Wynter targets experiential "revolution"

Founders Beverley Dormand and David Wynter combine talent and experience at new event management company

Pictured: David Wynter and Beverley Dormand

New event management company Dormand & Wynter has launched in London – and is aiming to be at the forefront of the experiential “revolution”.

The agency, based in Enfield, came together earlier this year after founders Beverley Dormand and David Wynter decided to combine their talent and experience.

Dormand said: “I used to work for a large graphic print company and we did a lot of exhibitions and events. I did that for two years and then moved into AV as a project manager. David has got 10 years’ experience working in the production industry at venues including the Barbican.

“Earlier this year we decided we had enough expertise to do it ourselves, so we’ve taken the bull by the horns.”

The agency has already won contracts with Carousel London and The Pickle Factory, and Dormand added that deals with other venues are currently in the process of being finalised.

She said: “I do the fluffy stuff, the ideas, and then David makes the magic happen, so we work well as a team.

“Our reputation has preceded us and we’ve been lucky enough to have good contacts, so people are coming to us, we’ve not really had to do any outreach. We want to work mainly with corporate events and venues, as that’s where our expertise in the past has proven most successful.”

Dormand added that she wants D&W to be at the forefront of the experiential “revolution” in the events industry. 

“The way that the events world is heading is more geared towards the senses, we only have to look at the sudden influx of experiential media and marketing agencies. We can see this in the rise of ticket sales in Secret Cinema, for example, and the new interest in immersive cinema and theatre experiences.

“In this modern world where we stare at screens all day and engage less in person than online, there is a revolution starting in the events industry. And that’s where D&W steps in; we want to assist in the natural progression of the events industry. We can see and fix the problems of old hat productions and take well thought out visions into a reality.”

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