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New agency to 'revolutionise' London's private dining scene

Natalie Ellen launches Private Dining London, offering private dining options for corporate groups

Pictured: Natalie Ellen has founded a new agency, Private Dining London

A new event agency focused on private dining for corporate groups hopes to shake-up the London culinary scene.

Natalie Ellen launched Private Dining London this month, after noticing a gap in the market for restaurant-based meetings and events while working at a well-known restaurant in London's Square Mile.

Ellen has also formed the Private Dining Network, a select group of corporate and lifestyle bloggers, event professionals and social media figures gathered by the agency, which aims to help reignite the private dining market.

She said: "I saw an opportunity and that there was a niche for an agency with a focus on private dining. We aim to revolutionise the relationship between restaurants and agencies by specialising in an area that larger agencies seem to be missing.

"Agencies tend to focus on larger events or a whole sequence of events and no-one really specialises from the venue side of things; understanding the restaurant's peak times and all the smaller details that go into planning a private dining event. Those smaller details bring everything together.

"Also, I don't think there's enough exposure for private dining rooms in London. Our target is to create exposure for private dining rooms and to get the market reinvigorated through media channels and events. Our social media and blogs are littered with food and drink experiences but private dining is not a familiar feature and we want to change this. Private dining needs to be exciting again.”

Ellen expects the average group size to be 20-30 guests, but said Private Dining London would organise events for groups of up to 100 people.

She said she hoped to see the agency's staff numbers and client list grow, but wanted to retain a personal feel.

"I'd love to keep it to a small team as I want to be really hands-on with venues, visiting venues constantly. I'd like to increase the platform on my website and blog so I can help support the restaurants. I want to work with venues as well, so they can see why this agency is good for them. I'll be getting commission, so I want them to feel they're getting their money's worth."

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