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New start-up giving young entrepreneurs Somewhere To work

London venue hire site, somewhereto_, gives portion of its takings to provide young people with free meeting space

A new start-up venue hire site for London has launched with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  angle, promising to 'give back' to young people with every booking it takes.

The site, somewhereto_, will give a portion of its takings to provide young people aged 16 to 25 with free meeting space. It hopes the young benefiters will use it to catapult their own businesses and careers.

The company, which lists spaces in London, says hundreds of venues have already signed up across the capital.

Dominic Perez-Silva, corporate development manager at Oval Space and The Pickle Factory, which is one of the participating venues, said: “For us, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. We see the creative spirit of London as an essential part of our offering. People want to use our space because London is such a vibrant, exciting place. This is an easy way for us to help make sure it stays that way.”

Tom Barratt, programme director of somewhereto_, said: "London’s young artists, designers, architects, and writers, to musicians and filmmakers are struggling to find affordable and flexible space to be able to pursue their ideas. For established creative businesses, this adds significant operational costs and pressures. For young creatives, the effect is far more serious. They find themselves being marginalised or, in many cases, pushed out of the city altogether.

“We are committed to fighting back against the hollowing out of the capital’s creative districts. Every time someone books a space through somewhereto_ they are helping give a young creative access to another somewhereto_ space for free. Fulfilling not only the potential of a generation, but the promise of a vibrant, creative London.”

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