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Planners 'wildly underusing' push notifications in events

CrowdCompass's Nick Tinker urges organisers to use technology, revealing it is read by 97 per cent of mobile users

Pictured: Push notifications are read by 97 per cent of mobile users, Cvent's Nick Tinker told Venues & Events

Event organisers are 'wildly underusing' push notifications according to a tech expert, who revealed they are read by 97 per cent of mobile users.

Nick Tinker, business development manager at CrowdCompass by Cvent, said event organisers would reach a far bigger audience using the notifications in lieu of emails, which are only opened by on average 4 per cent.

He said: "Push notifications are wildly underused. You can communicate directly to delegates. As soon as they walk in the door you can communicate directly with them, send them a welcome message. As soon as they walk out you can send them a post-event survey to do on their way home.

"About 95-97 per cent of push notifications are read, as opposed to 3-4 per cent of emails. It’s such a powerful marketing tool."

Tinker was speaking to a packed room at an education seminar at Venues and Events, which took place Wednesday and Thursday at Old Billingsgate, which was entitled The Future of Mobile Tech and Events.

He touched on research that found the "large majority" of applications aren’t deleted by mobile users, which guaranteed event organisers an avenue to directly connect. Push notifications lets an app notify a user of a new message or event, even when the user is not actively using the application. The mobile device receives a push notification, the app's icon and a message appears in the status bar.

Tinker also urged organisers to use personalisation in their messaging, saying 94 per cent of marketers believe it is critical to the success of an event. He said this could be done by splitting attendees into target groups and structuring messages to each one.

He added: "I’m a huge believer that personalisation will bring to life your event. (Yet) fewer than 15 per cent of businesses implement personalisation on a mobile."

In terms of future trends, Tinker predicted that wearables would continue to grow in usage.

"Wearables are not going anywhere," he said. "Augmented reality is something we will see at events in the future. Imagine walking down an exhibition hall tapping on collateral you want to view. You’ll be able to  see hotel meeting spaces pop up or bottles or things floating above a bar if you want a drink. It’s crazy and it’s exciting and this is something we need to start thinking about now."

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