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Planners reluctant to adopt new technologies

Latest Eventbrite Pulse Report reveals fewer than one in ten event organisers have committed to location tech

Pictured: Joel Crouch, Eventbrite UK and Ireland general manager

Fewer than one in ten event organisers have committed to location technology such as beacons and Bluetooth, according to the latest Eventbrite Pulse Report.

The report, which surveyed more than 800 event planners, revealed that while most were keen on areas of event technology, few actually commit. 

While adoption of social media hit 81 per cent and 79 per cent of those polled were either already using or planning to use mobile event apps, other tech developments received a more cautious welcome.

Wearable tech is being considered by 38 per cent of respondents, and 34 per cent were interested in Beacons, Bluetooth and other sensor technology – yet just seven per cent had actually adopted it.

Holograms were not considered to be a realistic option, just 3 per cent said they were planning to use them.

Ticketing and registration specialist Eventbrite’s report also identified that almost half of planners said cost pressures and providing more for less would impact their events throughout 2016, although two thirds believed their events presence would increase.

Joel Crouch, Eventbrite’s general manager for the UK and Ireland said: “It is great to be at the heart of a fast moving industry where technology can provide organisers with a one-stop approach for their ticketing and registration needs, from event registration and ticketing through to post-event data analysis. The rise in the importance of events and experiences for all types of businesses and brands reflects the impact of a growing experience economy.”

  • Anonymous user 30/04/2016

    The article fails to consider the impact of this technology on attendee privacy and the Orwellian nature of this type of technology. The supposed benefits to the organisers from a data collection perspective may be substantially outweighed by the negative reception by the customers the event is designed to reach.
    Meeting managers are not Luddites. We are careful not to alienate the audience we are endeavouring to engage.

  • Lisa Swartz of MeetingSOS 29/04/2016

    I completely agree with Rebecca's comment. There are MANY factors as to why many of us cannot immediately "adopt" new technologies, even if we wanted to.

  • Rebecca Dempsey of Primary 27/04/2016

    I'm not convinced that 'slow to commit' is entirely fair on event planners. There are many decisions to be made when choosing event tech, including cost, practicality, right fit for the event, the audience mindset, length of event,and objectives of the event among a few. I wonder if rather than event planners not committing, event tech providers need to do more to prove value, benefits and return on engagement and useful analytics.

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