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RFPs key to improving hotel-planner relationships says IRF

Incentive Research Foundation releases recommendations as part of new research into industry relationships

Pictured: The IRF has released recommendations as part of its new piece of research

The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) has identified 'significant' opportunities to improve hotelier-planner relationships, like providing more information in requests for proposals (RFPs).

The association says planners should clearly list priorities along with information on attendees, before fully reviewing and responding to RFPs, to help build meaningful relationships.

Likewise, hoteliers should understand planners' priorities and ask about goals and audiences, as well as continue to be creative and flexible.

The IRF has released the findings as part of its report, Advancing the Hotelier/ Planner Relationship: A View from Both Sides, after interviewing 126 hotel sales representatives and 160 meeting and incentive travel planners.

It also highlighted two issues - budgets rising slower than costs and space and date availability - as the biggest obstacles to fostering the best relationships.

Only 11 per cent of planners saw their relationship with hotel salespeople as one of trust and friendship, as opposed to 23 per cent of hoteliers.

IRF president Melissa Van Dyke said: "The hotelier-planner relationship is already highly collaborative, but advancing these relationships to ones of full trust will help increase the outcomes for the partnership and carry both parties through the multiple risk issues facing programs today."

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