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Red Letter Days for Business launches £1 million supercar driving incentive

Red Letter Days for Business partners with Auto Vivendi Supercar Club to launch exclusive supercar incentive

Pictured: Red Letter Days for Business has launched an exclusive 'hypercar' incentive

A supercar incentive so exclusive that it is claimed not even Top Gear could pull it off is being offered by Red Letter Days for Business in partnership with Auto Vivendi Supercar Club.

The incentive, the Hypercar Holy Trinity 200mph Challenge, offers a rare chance to drive three hypercars - La Ferrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder - each worth about £1 million.

Incentive winners will have a chance to reach 200mph in the vehicles on a private two mile runway, at a price of £7,500.

Bill Alexander, CEO at Red Letter Days For Business, said: "This opportunity is so exclusive that not even Top Gear’s finest could get the three elite models on the track at the same time.

“Recognition does not have to cost a lot to be effective – in fact research shows that 20 per cent of employees said they would like a verbal thank you from their manager as a reward.

"However, if you do have budget available to be more extravagant we do know that memorable prizes, such as the Hypercar Challenge, will have a lasting motivational effect on employees as it’ll create memories that will be with them forever and continue to remind them of their achievement.”

The activity lasts four hours and includes a professional instructor in the passenger seat and in-car footage from each car.

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