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Revealed: the five questions all event bookers need to ask

Using data from its Value of Expertise report, Warwick Conferences has revealed the five crucial questions to ask to create a successful event

Pictured: Warwick Conferences used data from its Value of Expertise report to compile the questions

Warwick Conferences has released a new set of guidelines for event bookers. 

Using data from the Value of Expertise report – an independent study into the relationship between expertise and success in meetings – Warwick Conferences has come up with a list of five crucial questions event bookers need to ask to create a successful event.  

The questions are:
1.       How often do non-business guests frequent the venue?
2.       Is the technology at the event reliable, easy to use and compatible with the managers’ laptops?
3.       How much parking availability is there at the venue?
4.       Is the Wi-Fi at the venue fast and free?
5.       Will the venue provide catering for people with special dietary requirements?

“Asking these five crucial questions at the early stages will alleviate pressure on bookers and help remove miscommunication from the booking processes,” said Rachael Bartlett, head of sales and marketing at Warwick Conferences. 

“Collaboration is essential for event booking. If delegates’ and managers’ expectations are going to be met and surpassed, bookers need to think in terms of partnerships and not transactions when working with venues. 

“If booking an event is only a small part of your day-to-day job, which indeed 70 per cent of bookers stated, partnering with the right venue means you get help creating a great delegate experience every step of the way.”

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