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Six in 10 attendees fear data protection at events

Planners urged to educate delegates on advantages of digital event management tools, says Xing Events

Pictured: Xing Events area manager Christiane Balu

Event organisers need to educate delegates on the advantages of digital tools at events says Xing Events, after finding 64 per cent of attendees fear they disclose too much personal information.

Xing Events area manager Christiane Balu said planners should think about proactive campaigns to ease fears and show the benefits of digital marketing tools.

Speaking at ibtm world, she said: "What a lot of organisers is not hide the fact that information is tracked, but instead, be open about it and show the direct advantage to attendees.

"It's like using Google Maps and letting it track you. You know the advantage in that. Well it's the same for attendees. Yes the information is tracked but you get more advantages out of it."

The report, Digital Transformation in the Event Industry, was gathered after polling 2,500 organisers and 2,100 event participants.

Asked what digital solutions they were planning on using, event organisers overwhelmingly answered online marketing (57 per cent), followed by email campaigns (45 per cent) and event apps (44 per cent). Newer digital tools such as augmented or virtual reality and digital navigation solutions featured lowest on the wish-list, attracting 20 per cent and 16 per cent respectively.

Balu said this showed planners were fearful of trying new technology.

"Whether or not to use new technology really depends on the industry and type of event," she said.

"If it's a really conservative group of attendees the move to digital transformation of the event is a lot slower than doing a conference for online marketing sector, where everyone has three smartphones and a tablet.

"But even for conservative industries like scientific congresses, it's more cost effective to move to digital solutions. Instead of printing a huge amount of material, you invest in an app and everything is online. It pays off."

  • Brynn Alexander of 01/12/2016

    These are legitimate concerns - it's important for event organizers to make sure that networks are secure and that data is handled properly.

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