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Start-ups 'shouldn't be put off by Brexit'

MD Group founder Miriam Dervan urges event entrepreneurs to continue as she releases book Just Get on With It

Pictured: MD Group founder Miriam Dervan has written a book urging young entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals, entitled To be an Entrepreneur; Just get on with it

An events professional who launched a multi-million pound agency 15 years ago says entrepreneurs shouldn't put off starting their own business because of Brexit.

Miriam Dervan, founder of MD Group which operates ME Events, says while the current market is uncertain following the referendum, Brexit might turn out to benefit entrepreneurs. She has penned a book on the topic, titled To be an Entrepreneur; Just get on with it, which has been released this week and is being sold online.

"We are in a time of uncertainty and no-one really knows what the future will hold; however, I wouldn’t want that to put anybody off from giving it a go," she said.

"Everything remains to be seen over time and as I always said to myself, if it goes wrong, what harm could be done? You can always put it right - if everything goes wrong you can just stop it, get a job and off you go. I don't want the EU referendum preventing anybody from going out there and giving it a go."

Describing herself as "not very academic" in her school years, Dervan discovered the events industry while working for a contract research organisation in Ireland. She launched MD Events in 2002 from her bedroom, and says with hard work and a "bit of Irish luck", it grew into an international company.

She now wants to share her story and encourage other young people to pursue their ambitions no matter their academic performance.

"I hated school when I was at school. But when I left, I found I loved work with a passion," she said.

"I hope the book inspires young people and students. It's for students who may not be academic themselves. That's where I was. I want to tell them it's not necessarily all about academic success; I want to expand their thinking and get them to consider entrepreneurship.

"I would encourage anyone thinking of going down this route to give it serious thought. You'd be amazed at the growth of yourself. If you want to do something, just get out there and do it."

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