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StoryArc launches to help industry produce quality video - on smartphones

Brighton firm aims to help industry staff produce quality video on location - at a fraction of the usual cost

A new production company aims to help industry staff produce quality video on location - at a fraction of the cost of using traditional production companies.

Brighton-based StoryArc trains marketing or operations staff to shoot good quality footage on anything from a smartphone up. 

And the service doesn't end with a simple training session, the whole process of creating a film from start to finish is supported. 

Editorial director Huw Williams said: “Travel industry staff are often in the right place at the right time to capture superb footage. But it's not just about showing your staff how to point a camera to get a good shot.

“We also work with your marketing teams to come up with engaging stories, then give simple storyboards and instructions to the staff with the camera to make these stories come to life. Finally, we edit the footage your staff shoot and upload the finished films to your social media channels.”

StoryArc call this half out, half in-house production process a media partnership. The films created by this partnership can range from thirty second tweetable videos to longer ones for use online, such as on Facebook or YouTube. The footage will also build over time, so firms can create their own library for use in other marketing projects.

StoryArc specialises in teaching how to film on smartphones, meaning there's no need to rush out and buy expensive cameras.

Williams added: “The best camera is the one you have on you when there's something to film. Everyone has a smartphone and the image quality they capture is incredibly good. That's why they are ideal for teaching film skills to travel industry staff. You can build up to more sophisticated kit later if you want, but phones are a perfect place to start.”

For more information visit or contact Huw Williams at

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