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Swiss cuts and German hikes in European price survey

Swiss meetings have made the most dramatic price cuts in this year’s European Convention Price Centre survey

Pictured: Quotes at Switzerland's 2m2c have plummeted for 2017

Swiss meetings have made the most dramatic price cuts in this year’s European Convention Price Centre survey.

The results, in the current issue of M&IT, reveal rates have been slashed across Switzerland compared to 12 months ago.

At the Montreux 2m2c our 500-person quote for 2017 is €7,400 cheaper than last year as it discounts spaces assigned to F&B functions and reports a ‘good level’ of association bookings for the next two years.

Our analysis also found Congress Center Basel has developed AV packages whereby clients benefit from more attractive prices overall. Quotes here have fallen by 20 per cent, to €28,545 for our 500-delegate brief.

At the other end of the scale ICS Stuttgart has elevated itself into the top echelons of expensive venues, quoting rate increases of 28 per cent and 10 per cent for the respective briefs. “This is due to normal price inflation and higher costs,” says Mirjam Hägele, project manager, sales. 

Elsewhere in Germany, prices are 16 per cent higher at the Maritim Dresden Congress Centre where Tina Oehler explains: “Our prices have increased as since last year a minimum wage for employees is required by law in Germany which affects our prices and the prices passed on by our suppliers.”

More reasonable rises were found at bcc Berliner Congress Centre, where rates depend on date, day of the week and participant numbers. And Kap Europa in Frankfurt is actually posting a lower rate for 500 delegates than for 2016, and a small rise for 1,000 delegates. “Slight adaptations have been made for inflation but our list of services has not changed,” says the venue’s Rowina Gower-Becker.

Exchange rates with the euro affect prices in centres in non-EU countries. Oslo CC says its quotes in Norwegian krone are actually up on last year’s. But convert these to euros and international clients win handsomely, as exchange rates turned even more in their favour in March.

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