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TRO's Volvo pop-ups exceed expectations

The pop-up shop approach saw TRO hit its end of activity target just one week into the four week programme

Pictured: the Volvo pop-up store in Reading

TRO exceeded expectations when it delivered two pop-up shops for the UK launch of Volvo’s new S90 and V90.

The pop-up shop approach saw TRO hit its end of activity target just one week into the four week programme at The Oracle in Reading and Silverburn in Glasgow.

More than 25,000 consumers visited the two shops over the four week period, with 11 per cent of visitors requesting further information on products and test drives.

Account director Emma Hinde said: “We are thrilled to see such tangible results which prove that this approach is truly delivering for Volvo. 

“Within the pop-ups we incorporated cutting-edge wifi technology to measure footfall, alongside facial recognition technology to identify age and gender split. This enabled us to serve real-time analytics to Volvo in a timely manner and ensured we were quick to react to trends we see e.g. tailoring our staff rota to match busy periods.”

The pop-up shops were a head office initiative run in conjunction with local dealerships – so local dealers were based out of the pop-ups for the duration to drive customer engagements and the sales process.

Nicky Morgan, group talent director, said: "The pop-ups were all about interrupting the consumer decision making process. We know that consumers on average consider 3-4 brands when in-market to purchase a new vehicle – so being on considerations lists in the first place is extremely important. 

"Appearing (“popping-up”) as consumers are going about their everyday lives has proved to be an incredibly effective means of getting onto these considerations lists. Dealers know this and have therefore been really supportive of the pop-up initiative, which has the added advantage of also doing a great brand awareness job for Volvo."

Kylee Rush, Volvo event manager, added: “We are delighted to be able to see that an immediate ROI has been delivered - with the pop-up shops working far harder for our business than we had anticipated. It is a very exciting venture for Volvo and we are looking forward to seeing how this approach may develop moving forward.”

From 5 – 17 April the shops provided a national launch pad to preview the new Volvo S90 and V90. From 18 April until 8 May the pop-ups provided an environment for local dealers to showcase the XC90, V40 and XC60 – all alongside offering a Swedish-style coffee break in a relaxed Scandinavian café.

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