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Team Spirit and QHotels target waning focus levels

Events company and hotel group partner to launch a number of simulating exercises for delegates, in response to research

Pictured: One of the energising activities is the Haka, based on the traditional New Zealand warrior dance

Team Spirit and QHotels have partnered to offer energising activities to keep delegates engaged, in response to research revealing it takes just 3.5 minutes for the average person to lose focus.

The events company has designed a number of programmes, such as a juggling ice breaker or an imitation of the New Zealand warrior dance the Haka, to ensure delegates' concentration levels remain high throughout a conference.

It comes after 'brainwave' research from QHotels revealed the average person takes less than four minutes to lose concentration, with the lowest focus levels before lunch breaks.

Dave Bywater, events director at Team Spirit, said: “QHotels' Brainwaves study into the science of engagement confirms what we've been saying for a long time about the benefits of incorporating physical activity into all types of events to engage delegates for longer.”

QHotels group operations manager Joanne Barratt added: “Our research showed that physical activity at the beginning of an event stimulated delegates’ alpha brainwaves and helped delegates concentrate for longer.

“So, inspired by our findings, we’ve joined up with our team building partner, Team Spirit, to share some quick and simple energising activities that organisers can incorporate to enhance events of any kind.”

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