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Team building companies cashing in on Pokemon craze

Bluehat, Wildgoose Events report rise in Pokemon-based enquiries as augmented reality game continues to spread

Pictured: Pokemon Go-related enquiries are increasing among UK team building companies

UK team building companies are reporting an influx of Pokemon Go-related inquiries as the augmented reality game casts its spell over corporates.

Wildgoose Events and Bluehat say they have had enquiries from clients and partners citing Pokemon Go, and how it can be used or replicated in  team building. The event agencies have applauded the game for getting people outdoors and on their feet, and say it underlines the value of technology in bringing people together.

Wildgoose MD Jonny Edser said: "What Pokemon Go has identified is people really like merging the real world and reality, with a purpose like team building or a learning outcome. That sort of thing is really simple and it's shown how effective it is.

"It's been great because we've found now when we talk to clients, we can refer to Pokemon and it helps them to visualise what our product is. And we've taken our first booking from a client who specifically asked about Pokemon."

Edser said the popularity of the app showed how technology could best be used for engagement, and should be reciprocated in other team building activities.

"Fundamentally it shows how we can continue to engage people. What I like about these sorts of activities, it's not just technology for technology's sake - it's fusing technology into a real world environment, whether it's around a city or around a conference centre; you're using technology to get people to move around. If you're getting people moving, that helps concentration and gives users a break," he said.

"What Pokemon has done is shown that people want to do that. It's captured people's imagination. It's reconfirmed what we've always said."

Bluehat's Dave Turner said the company's iPad-based treasure hunt activity Go Team, which is licensed to 29 global partners, used the same principles as Pokemon Go. Turner said several partners were receiving Pokemon-based enquiries, and were able to use the game as a way of explaining how Go Team works.

"Pokemon Go has engaged people by capturing their imagination. After all, there is nothing substantive about the game; nothing is actually there, it is simply augmented reality. Whilst an image can be seen through the app, it’s the user’s imagination that allows them to feel a sense of exploration and the hunt," he said

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