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Thousands sign on for new business travel and events app

Jambo creator Laura Stembridge says interest has been huge since app's launch three weeks ago

Pictured: Laura Stembridge, founder of business travel and events app Jambo

The entrepreneur behind a newly-launched app dedicated for business travellers says she is surprised by how quickly it has taking off, as the waiting list for members reaches the thousands.

Laura Stembridge, whose app Jambo has been described as a mix between Facebook and LinkedIn, says feedback has been great, with three major international companies offering to pilot it.

She said: "It's been received amazingly well, I've been pleasantly surprised. People are genuinely excited to join and they're asking when they can come off the waiting list. Companies are coming to us saying 'we'd love to be a part of your pilot, how can we get involved?'. We've got more requests than we can handle which is a nice problem to have."

Jambo, the Swahili word for hello, links users based on their professional backgrounds, shared career interests or companies they work for.

For business travellers, it means they can meet colleagues from an overseas office while travelling there, or find and attend business events that are relevant to them. It also allows employees within organisations to link up with one another and form professional networks, which can be privatised in groups called tribes.

Stembridge said she dreamt up the idea while travelling for work herself.

"I worked as a business consultant for nearly 10 years and travelled extensively which was great. As a part of that I was attending conferences and events and was always going into client's offices. As a millennial, our experiences are key to our social life and when you're travelling on business it's incredibly difficult to maintain a work-life balance.

"It suddenly dawned on me one day when I was at breakfast in my hotel, looking at everyone sitting on their iPads and newspapers - I thought there must be so many great brains around here, how can we bring people together?

"I thought how can we create those serendipitous moments so you can meet people who add value to your network. With the rise of Airbnb we're seeing 20-34 year olds driving the sharing economy; they want to share their experiences and embrace new things. I thought wouldn't it be great if there was a way to help them connect with one another."

Jambo launched a private beta three weeks ago and is testing the B2B benefits with a cohort of almost 4,000 employees from three international companies. Download the app here:

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