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Three in four eventprofs don't have social media strategies

Cvent's Nick Tinker calls it 'crazy' the level of unplanned social media activity for events

Pictured: Nick Tinker of Cvent presents at The Meetings Show

Three quarters of event professionals still don't have a social media strategy, despite it being the easiest way to boost engagement at events, says Cvent.

Speaking at The Meetings Show, business development manager Nick Tinker said social media was a 'natural extension' of events, and that using platforms like Twitter and Snapchat formed a huge part of Return on Engagement (ROE).

Tinker was speaking at The Meetings Show on Thursday, as part of an education session called Go Beyond the Hashtag - Social Media and the Event Experience. He told the audience: "75 per cent (of event professionals) don't have a social media strategy in place… this is crazy."

He outlined ways to measure engagement online, including conversion rates (replies to social media posts); amplification rates (shares of posts or re-Tweets); applause rates (post 'likes' or positive posts which are viewed as mini testimonials); and economic value (the conversion to business gained from social media posts).

Tinker also said it was important to 'reward' delegates by either re-Tweeting or responding to social media posts, adding: "Attendees generate up to 70 per cent of the buzz (online) at events."

Videos are more likely to get engagement than posts and photos, while hashtags are vital and must be visible throughout the event to remind delegates, Tinker added.

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