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Time to Shine as event professional launches wellbeing company

New firm provides bespoke events, workshops and programmes to help bring balance to digital technology usage

Pictured: Laura Willis

Events professional Laura Willis has launched a new wellbeing company to help people manage their digital distractions.

Shine provides bespoke events, workshops and programmes to help businesses bring balance and control to their employees' relationship with digital technology.

Willis said: “At Shine we aren’t anti-tech, we’re pro-people. We believe in the power of human connection over internet connection.

“We value the role of digital technology in our lives and are working to assist people in using it more mindfully as opposed to not using it at all.”

Willis had the idea for Shine while working as a self-employed events PR and marketing consultant. Finding herself “constantly preoccupied” with her smartphone and emails, she made the decision to cut her usage down dramatically. 

Then, following the birth of her daughter, Willis took up meditation as a way to manage her anxiety over her smartphone usage, which led to the creation of the new firm.

She said: “As I embarked on this new journey, I noticed a number of people around me were still back where I had been, drowning in a sea of emails and social media updates. I started to gently share some of the ways I had found to get a handle on my digital tech usage with other people. 

“They were so far into this new “normal” way of living that they couldn’t see why it may not be the healthiest way to do things. And they started to thank me for my advice and tell me that it was helping them. And so, a few months later, Shine was born.”

The former sales and marketing director at Ovation Group outlined her vision for the future.

She said: “My dream? To sit in a meeting and no one has their phone on the table. To go out for lunch or dinner and not share the table with three iPhones. In my utopia there are laws to prevent businesses from contacting employees on annual leave. People are given the freedom from their work to really take a break.

“That may be a bit much to ask but what I do know is that when we start to take control of something that has started to control us, and remove the constant distraction, that connections feels stronger, there’s a lightness in the air and people seem happier. Life is better with time offline.” 

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