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Travel managers taking 'more traveller-considerate approach'

ACTE and Amex GBT study reveals how travel managers are addressing expectations of modern business travellers

Pictured: Greeley Koch, executive director of ACTE

Travel managers are taking a more traveller-considerate approach to developing travel policies and programmes, according to new research from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE),
The study, Managing the Modern Business Traveller, was carried out with American Express Global Business Travel and reveals how travel managers are addressing the expectations of modern business travellers to develop travel policy and to improve compliance levels.

Influencing traveller behaviour is an important aspect, with 87 per cent of travel managers surveyed saying they use or would consider using visual guilt, prompting users to reconsider travel purchases if a more cost-effective option is available. Meanwhile, 85 per cent point to peer pressure and corporate culture to guide travellers.
Greeley Koch, executive director of ACTE, said: “Business travellers have come to expect a personalised experience when they’re on the road, but many organisations continue to take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to travel policy, driving travellers to work outside the normal channels.

“While travel polices absolutely need to change to take individual needs into account, travel managers can - and should - tap into the travellers’ point of view to encourage them to do the right thing. After all, managers are on the hook for not only the safety of their travellers, but also the cost of doing business.”
However, more traditional methods of ensuring compliance remain prominent. An overwhelming majority (93 per cent) of travel managers say they use education and 77 per cent mandate compliance. Other approaches include rewards and incentives, both non-monetary (20 per cent) and monetary (17 per cent).
Philip Haxne, regional director EMEA of Global Business Consulting for American Express GBT, said: “The needs of the business and the desires of today’s business traveller are often different, but we have to quickly rise to the challenge of finding a programme balance that supports both.

“Advances in technology and the managed travel toolset make matching individual needs with the business policy more efficient, and there is great opportunity to better personalise traveller experiences, ease anxieties about safety and simultaneously encourage policy compliance.”

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