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Two in five planners don't use event planning tech

Global Business Travel Association Foundation says "surprising" results indicate costs could be barrier

Pictured: 43 per cent of planners say they don't use events or meeting management technology when planning events

More than two in five event organisers still aren't using technology or software to plan events, with Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) identifying high costs as the biggest barrier.

In a survey that asked planners whether they use events or meeting management technology or software when planning events, 43 per cent said they did not. And of those who don't use it, 42 per cent told GBTA's research department that they don't see technology improving their processes.

GBTA Foundation research manager Kate Vasiloff said: "These results are a little surprising, however these software packages are very expensive, so for organisations who only have one large event a year, or maybe two or three small ones, it's possible they just cannot justify the cost.

"Going hand in hand with that, if they've never investigated the benefits using such technology can bring to their programmes, they obviously are not aware of the immense value it can bring, making justifying the cost an even tougher sell."

Of the 57 per cent who do use technology, 96 per cent of them say it is valuable.

Anthony Miller, chief marketing officer of Lanyon, said: "Technology has made it easier than ever to be a smart shopper. That’s because we now have access to loads of up-to-date information on nearly everything we buy from curtains to used cars. Why should shopping for an event venue be any different? If we can provide planners with more, high-quality information, then theyll be able to choose the venue that best meets their needs in less time and with fewer hiccups."

  • Brynn Alexander of 08/11/2016

    These numbers are shocking! It's hard to believe that organizers are still so averse to tech... especially when there's so much of it out there that can help in really simple and effective ways.

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