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Use of digital solutions on the rise, finds Xing Events research

But findings show large gaps between what delegates want and what planners offer

Pictured: Digital Transformation in the Event Industry

The use of digital solutions is on the rise in the event industry, according to new research from German event management company XING Events.

But the findings showed that there is a large gap between what delegates want and what planners are offering.

XING Events conducted an online survey of 2,500 German and international event organisers and 2,100 attendees to find out how digital transformation is manifesting itself in the event industry. 

The report, Digital Transformation in the Event Industry, found that three quarters of organisers noticed an improvement in their processes, particularly in the area of event preparation, by using digital technologies. Delegates feel that additional event information, networking opportunities and online ticketing are the greatest advantages that digital event preparation has to offer. 

However, there are large discrepancies between what attendees want and what organisers offer, especially when it comes to ticketing. Although nearly half of organisers surveyed are using online ticketing, this solution is not their prime focus. Yet it has become indispensable for almost 90 per cent of attendees. Although organisers feel that event marketing and attendee communication has successfully been optimised, attendees expressed their need for more information. 

When opting for digitalisation, the main goals for organisers were to achieve efficiency in terms of time, costs and organisation, and increase attendee satisfaction. The survey found that 75 per cent of organisers could reach these goals by using digital solutions. 

A look at future trends shows similar results: three quarters of organisers want to continue expanding their digital event management solutions in the future. Attendees have also noticed an improvement, with 81 per cent saying they find digital solutions to be indispensable. 

Download the full report here

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