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Virtual reality to go 'way beyond' gaming

Event organisers hear VR will be standard marketing practices within five years, at GPJ's Morning Premiere

Pictured: Graham Breen from HTC and Jason Lovell, head of VR at Samsung, updated event organisers on the technology

Virtual and augmented reality will be a standard platform for marketing within as little as three years, event professionals were told at George P Johnson's (GPJ) Morning Premiere event.

About 40 event organisers were given the latest information on the technology and taken through a case study from GPJ and Opposable VR from the Mobile World Congress, during the event on Friday 8 July at Century Club.

Graham Breen from HTC said VR would go "way beyond" just gaming, and could be used to solve business problems.

Jason Lovell, head of VR at Samsung, added VR had a huge potential for brands to build engagement. "Over the next three to five years, as more and more people get on board and it becomes more popular, as it becomes more ubiquitous it will naturally be a platform for all sorts of advertising and marketing."

Nick Riggall, head of digital strategy at George P. Johnson, said: "Virtual and augmented reality are no longer fads - they are robust, innovative technologies that are enriching the art of the possible for brand engagement. We continue in our commitment to crafting the right experience in collaboration with our clients, so embracing interactive and immersive platforms like VR to help land brand stories means GPJ can lead the integration of new mediums into the experience marketing mix."

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