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Vista achieves pitch to win ratio of 70 per cent following rebrand

Agency MD James Wilkins says first 12 months since rebranding from Logistik Group have been 'better than expected'

Vista MD James Wilkins

"Better than expected" is how Vista MD James Wilkins sums up the first 12 months since rebranding from Logistik Group.

The company achieved a pitch to win ratio of 71 per cent, winning key accounts including the likes of BMW and Mini, while an engagement survey showed staff confidence in the five-year strategy was more than 80 per cent.

Vista also welcomed 25 new faces to the team in 2015, while Wilkins says he will continue investing in leadership and staff engagement.

The company has also just acquired Leeds-based printing company Link88, as part of its five-year strategy.

"We have just finished our first full year as Vista and it has been better than expected," Wilkins said.

"We had an ambition plan for the first 12 months and we've beaten that plan. We've all been taken aback by the power of Vista and we've been grateful for our current customer base moving with us from Logistik. It allowed us to pick up some large scale, heavy-weight brands."

As well as the automotive brands, Vista worked with HP and Vodafone.

A company engagement survey in 2015 also revealed positive staff satisfaction levels, with belief in management and the company's management, along with its business plan, all above 80 per cent.

Wilkins said the acquisition of Link88 was part of its growth strategy, and it allowed Vista to offer a full service to clients.

"The amount of money we were spending on print externally, it made sense to us to consider bringing in-house the type of print we were doing," he explained.

"The marketing and brand communication work we've been doing has increased this year, so we decided bringing in a business like Link88 was a logical move; it gave us control of the quality and timeframes and to do it with a proven partner who we've worked with for many years was an ideal fit. We're not trying to be specialists in print, the people we've gone into business are."

Wilkins said 2016 would see a continued focus on staff engagement and growing business.

"We will continue to grow because feel we haven't fulfilled our potential in terms of our people's skills and capabilities and what we're able to do," he added.

"Clients rely on us offering a better service, better product and we really understand what their needs are."

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