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Why instant apps aren’t a game changer, yet

Google's new instant app technology isn't enough to improve adoption rates on its own says Live Group's Toby Lewis

Pictured: Toby Lewis, CEO of The Live Group

New technology that allows smartphone users to access apps without downloading them is not enough to improve adoption rates, a tech expert has claimed.

Google has developed instant app technology which allows users to run apps without installation. The apps are designed with more functionality than a web page, but are a ‘lite’ version of the app itself.

Some have heralded the new technology as important for events, with app adoption rates among delegates reported to be as low as 30 per cent.

Toby Lewis, CEO of The Live Group, and chair of the Global Beacon Alliance, said the technology alone will not improve adoption rates without proving the value of the app.

“This innovation will do little to change behaviour on its own,” he said. “Simply put, adoption rates fall when delegates don’t see any value in downloading the app. This is an issue that event planners need to address first and foremost, engaging with delegates to demonstrate the benefits that their app will bring to the event experience.”

Lewis added that while instant apps may simplify matters for delegates who want to get involved on the day, they add little to the event lifespan experience.

He said: “We believe event apps only add value when they’re used throughout the lifespan of the event, not just limited to the event itself.”

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