– the event industry’s number one portal – is published by CAT Publications, specialists in the international events industry since 1987. The recipe is a large portion of experience, a dash of energy, a slice of youthful enthusiasm and a sprinkling of motivation. The result is a deep understanding of the meetings and event industry and a team spirit with the drive to make things happen. Experience is in every strand of the CAT structure because the company ethos is to keep and nurture its key people to build a knowledge-based team.
It begins at the top where our three directors share more than 100 years experience of the international events industry! Richard Corser, Martin Lewis and Steve Lewis make up a trio with an unrivalled track record in meetings industry publishing. Martin directs our editorial teams and marketing activities while Steve heads up the commercial operation. Richard manages our production department and is ably assisted by Production Manager Amanda Ludman who joined us 28 years ago!Above:
Richard Corser, Martin Lewis,
Steve Lewis

Richard Corser, Claire Gates,
Steve Ward,
Amanda Ludman
But long service is a feature of the structure throughout the organisation. Marketing Communications Director Maria Voller joined CAT Publications 15 years ago and has managed the communications and events team including the hugely successful M&IT Industry Awards programme that has raised more than £900,000 for charity. She is ably supported by Liz Coleridge who has spent 19 years with CAT. Maria is also the manager of our web-based product offering and is responsible for its constant development as we add new features and fresh functionality.
Jackie Bowden,
Liz Coleridge,
Stacy Taylor
Maria Voller,
Nick Nunhofer,
Eloise Millen

Kirsten Beckwith

Rob Spalding has been writing about the international conference market for 42 years. As Associate Editor of Association Meetings International and the directory, he brings a practised eye to today’s fast-moving industry with the wisdom gained over decades of editing meetings industry publications.
Sally Trelford joined our editorial team 26 years ago as Deputy Editor of Meetings & Incentive Travel magazine. Now, as Associate Editor, her huge knowledge of the industry we serve is invaluable to the bright, young journalists in our team. Graphic Designer Steve Ward has spent 21 years creating magazine pages and visuals for CAT products.
James Lancaster,
Rob Spalding

Lucy Saxton

Sally Trelford,
Paul Harvey

Nicola President has more than 20 years experience of sales and marketing in the meetings industry and as Group Sales Director guides our sales team in the UK and overseas. Nicola’s team also has extensive knowledge of our industry and focuses on delivering the most appropriate marketing medium to our customers through a consultative approach – whether in print, online, virtual or live.
Above: Lorraine Hacker, Nicola President, Martin Balmer

Left: Johan Skogqvist, Steve Lewis
Above left:
Marek Philips, Charlotte Bliss

Above right:
Jan Caswell,
Belinda Moloney
CAT Publications relies heavily on the expertise of these experienced key personnel to lead motivated teams of younger people and develop our products and services in a dynamic marketplace. Keeping talented people requires management, motivation and reward. Our personnel management is overseen by Jackie Treharne who has herself served the company for 16 years.CAT Publications is proud to have brought together such a knowledgeable and skilled team of experts in their field. This is what differentiates us from our competitors. These experts have gained huge experience of the market and have driven CAT Publications to be an innovator, a leader and the creator of such initiatives as National Meetings Week, The Meetings Industry Marketing Awards, the M&IT Industry Awards and the registered charity Meetings Industry Meeting Needs.That’s what experience does – it creates expertise.Left:
Michelle Taylor,
Maxine Lenihan,
Jackie Treharne,
Maxine Cook


Meetings & Incentive Travel
Lucy Saxton, Journalist +44 (0)1342 306718
Paul Harvey, Journalist +44 (0)1342 306729
Belinda Booker, Journalist

Association Meetings International
James Lancaster, Editor +44 (0)1342 306713
Rob Spalding, Associate Editor

Meetings & Incentive Travel & Association Meetings International
Sally Trelford, Associate Editor +44 (0)1342 306719
Martin Lewis, Managing Director/Managing Editor +44 (0)1342 306701 (The Worldwide Convention Venues Directory online)
• Rob Spalding, Editor
Rob Spalding's office can be reached by phone on +44 (0)1376 512073


Steve Lewis, Publisher/Sales Director +44 (0)1342 306702
Nicola President, Group Sales Director +44 (0)1342 306709
Marek Phillips, International Sales Director +44 (0)1342 306708
Charlotte Bliss, International Sales Manager +44 (0)1342 306712
Martin Balmer, International Sales Manager +44 (0)1342 306710
Jan Caswell, UK Sales Manager +44 (0)1342 306711
Belinda Moloney, UK Sales Manager +44 (0)1342 306707

Sales Support:

Johan Skogqvist, Sales Department Data Manager +44 (0)1342 306762
Lorraine Hacker, Sales Department Administrator +44 (0)1342 306706


Maria Voller, Marketing Communications Director +44 (0)1342 306722
Liz Coleridge, Events Manager +44 (0)1342 306723
Jackie Bowden, Marketing & Events Executive +44 (0)1342 306760
Nick Nunhofer, Circulation & Database Executive +44 (0)1342 306715
Eloise Millen, Marketing & Events Executive +44 (0)1342 306720
Stacy Taylor, Digital Marketing Executive +44 (0)1342 306765
Kirsten Beckwith, Digital Services Executive +44 (0)1342 306721


Richard Corser, Production Director +44 (0)1342 306726
Amanda Ludman, Production Manager +44 (0)1342 306727


Steve Ward, Designer +44 (0)1342 306716
Claire Gates, Designer +44 (0)1342 306717


Jackie Treharne, PA to MD/Publisher +44 (0)1342 306704
Michelle Taylor, Administration Manager +44 (0)1342 306700


Maxine Lenihan, Accounts Manager +44 (0)1342 306703
Maxine Cook, Credit Control Manager +44 (0)1342 306714

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