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Concerned MICE professional 08/11/2017 [2]

How many Weinsteins in MICE industry?

The current sexual harassment and abuse scandal impacting Hollywood and UK politics should be seen by the meetings industry as a good opportunity to clear out the skeletons in its own cupboard. While most men in our industry are respectable a significant minority are most definitely not and deserve to be bought to book for their behavior. Meetings and events - which often mean late nights and alcohol away from home - provide a perfect feeding ground for predatory males to prey on vulnerable women. And we are all kidding ourselves if we think it doesn't happen!

Sally Greenhill of Ms 28/11/2017

Although i agree with your comment i also feel that a world where we cannot hug anyone or avoid human touch in case it be misconstrued would be sad indeed. The bad behaviour of a few should not be taken as the 'norm' although i totally support their behaviour being exposed and brought to book

Anonymous user 08/12/2017

At my very first networking event I was seated next to a (married!) man who proceeded to tell me about his hotel in Wimbledon refurbishment to which I slowly ignored as he started repeating himself. As soon as we were all ushered into the next room after dinner he invited me to his "bar upstairs".... completely inappropriate and I can assure you I gave him no signals to think that I would EVER say yes to this.... I have also had far too many lingering hugs with potential clients who think it is okay because you want their business - TRUST ME, I AM NOT THAT DESPERATE FOR THEIR BUSINESS

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