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ANON 02/05/2018 [1]

Should we take cuts lying down?

Marriott and Hilton's decision to cut group booking commissions is a wake-up call for agencies and PCOs about the changing ownership and business models of large hotels brands (that's effectively what they are now). So what do we do - pass on the cost to our clients or fight back? The hotel market is fragmented, we have a lot of buying power, surely we're not going to take this lying down?

Anonymous user 29/05/2018

I see nobody replied to this post since it was published.
Marriott is one of the largest hotel chains, and Hilton is not small either. PCO’s and meeting planners might have buying power, but they are at the end service providers, and they should charge for their services. Avoiding hotels from these brands when you have a medium or large size congresses is not an option in most cases. You need rooms and they have them. There is no other way than live with their decision it and try to look for a different business model, in order to survive. Commissions were cut down by travel agencies and airlines in the past and delegates still travelling to meetings all over the world. Complaining only was never the solution as far as I have experienced.

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