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Italians acquire leading US exhibition staging company

Rimini and Vicenza unite to buy majority share in FB International

Right to left, Carlo Costa Deputy General Manager of IEG, Corrado Facco IEG Managing Director, Fabrizio Bartolozzi, FB International Founder

Two Italian exhibition companies have merged to buy a majority shareholding in an American exhibition staging firm.

The Italian Exhibition Group (IEG International), created by the merger between Rimini Fiera and Fiera di Vicenza, has acquired 51 per cent of the trade show outfitting company FB International, with offices in Oakland, New Jersey and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The agreement will lead to the establishment of a new, 100 per cent Italian Exhibition Group-owned company, to be called IEG USA, and Lorenzo Cagnoni, IEG president and chairman, said there were ‘further acquisitions in the pipeline’.

The US firm takes its name from the initials of its founder, Fabrizio Bartolozzi, an Italian entrepreneur who saw the potential and formed the company in 1988.

He said: “After 30 years of providing excellent service and being a recognised leader in the market, with a reputation of caring for details, design and logistics, we have found exactly the right partner in IEG to guarantee a group structure that will allow us to grow energetically, and at the same time to promote ‘Well Done and Made in Italy’ through new and ambitious development projects."

FB International's new leadership team will be headed by Corrado Facco as President and Fabrizio Bartolozzi as CEO.  Carlo Costa, Deputy General Manager of IEG, will serve as President of IEG USA.  

The Italian Exhibition Group SpA, with Facco as managing director, finished 2017 with turnover forecast at EUR129m and net profits of eight-million euros. In 2017 IEG attracted a total of 15,649 exhibitors and 2,648,675 visitors to its Rimini and Vicenza-based exhibition and congress facilities.




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