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Industry blacklist emailed to conference attendees

List of "scammer" attendees at industry events sent out to attendees of Association Meetings Conference

A name and shame list of accused bogus industry professionals has been emailed to attendees of last month's Association Meetings Conference, with a warning not to invite them to future events.

The list - distributed from a Gmail account and seemingly collated from a selection of blogs - lists the characteristics, contact details and attendance history of 31 people who are alleged to have no valuable connection to the events industry.

The Association Meetings Conference has distanced itself from the email, saying it was in "no way" associated with it.

The anonymous email was sent out on Monday, saying: "As attendees of  last month’s Association Meetings Conference in London, we thought you should be made aware of this. Many of you no doubt came across these people while in town and the rest of you will encounter them in the near future. This is just a public information announcement to the meetings and events industry so that the right people are allowed into your events and more importantly, the wrong people are kept out. The following are the wrong people. Use the information wisely and let all of your colleagues and contacts know."

The people named on the list, which our sister magazine M&IT has chosen not to reveal, are given nicknames such as 'gatecrasher', 'lunatic', 'beer stealer', 'homeless', 'the Guzzler' and 'retiree'. In describing one allegedly fraudulent events professional, the email said: "This old timer is still operating in and around London and Europe. Well into her 80’s and constantly applying for FAM trips, this pensioner doesn’t work in events or book anything, except maybe a taxi en route to her latest FAM trip!  All she does is go to showcases and try to get on FAM trips.  Please, for the love of god, stop inviting this geriatric."

A spokesperson for the Association Meetings Conference said: "The 'industry blacklist' email, as referred to by M&IT, was not sent by the organisers of the Association Meetings Conference and the sender of the email is in no way associated with the conference. As a leading industry event, we carefully qualify the event professionals who attend and regularly audit our database to ensure it is accurate and up to date."

For those working in the industry it will come as no surprise that events are gate-crashed and clearly there are serial offenders out there. However, we’re not sure if naming and shaming is the answer; rather it’s up to you to validate your guest list. Saying that, please let us know your thoughts on the matter and if you’d care to share your tips on dealing with unwanted guests then drop us a line or leave a comment below. 

  • Mange Tout 26/07/2017

    Went to an event earlier this week and there wasn’t a single person from the list there. How refreshing! It meant that you could actually talk with the staff and view the venue without being run over by mad people dashing for a tray of food. And talking of food, there was so much that even the grabbers would have been sated (though that was probably because the freeloaders weren't there). Maybe the list is having the desired effect after all.

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