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Tourism and business united in Singapore’s first unified brand

Tourism Board and Economic Development Board unveil Passion Made Possible brand

Pictured: The new brand

The long-running debate about which branch of government should promote business events – tourism or business development – has taken an interesting twist after meetings industry giant Singapore unveiled its first ‘unified brand’.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) paraded its new Passion Made Possible brand to market the city for tourism and business purposes.

Launched by the Ministry for Trade and Industry and supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information, the agencies’ first joint brand was sold as a ‘bold move’.

Its aim? To present Singapore’s ‘attitude and mind-set: a passion-driven, never-settling spirit of determination and enterprise that constantly pursues possibilities and reinvention’.

Dr. Beh Swan Gin, chairman of EDB, added: “Singapore is making the shift from being primarily an investment-driven economy to one that will be led by innovation. In particular, local and international companies are seeking to create new products, services and solutions that will have a stronger impact in Asia. It is timely to send a strong and clear signal that companies can do this successfully from Singapore and turn possibilities into reality.”

Lionel Yeo, CEO of STB, said: “With Passion Made Possible, STB is presenting a brand that can tell a fuller Singapore story beyond just tourism. This brand articulates what we stand for as a country and supports the telling of many stories about this destination and its people.”

  • Rex Reksnis 10/09/2017

    Smart and innovative business attracts more sophisticated tourists. Sophisticated tourists are looking for new ways to be inspired by the places they visit. The joint brand between the tourism and economic board makes a perfect sense. Instad of competing for visitors they will jointly promote SG as a brand for all, business and leisure. Tourists coming to SG should get inspired by the business innovations the country offers, and business people conducting business in SG should feel like passionate tourists who fully emerse in the local culture. You combine the passion for what you do with the contentment of your life after the business hours-a perfect combo for innovation, new business and foreign investments. With the Passion Made Possible joint brand, Singapore eliminates the difference between business and leisure tourism. Will it encourage more travel to SG? Many countries are innovating. The competition for the future business is on.

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