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'Diverse' finalists announced for ICCA Best Marketing Award

FMCCA Antwerp, ICC Sydney and Shocklogic in line for the prestigious award

Pictured: Will Antwerp's new convention centre be unstoppable?

The finalists for this year’s ICCA Best Marketing Award have been announced.

The annual award aims to highlight the most effective promotional campaigns by members of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), who include venues, destination marketing organisations, professional congress organisers, and others suppliers to the industry.

In the running for the coveted prize this year are: Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp, the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney); and meetings tech firm Shocklogic.

Each will give a presentation on stage during a plenary session of the ICCA Congress in Prague, in November, which is on target to become the biggest ‘congress on congresses’ ever.

Chairman of the judges and BMA Moderator, Patrick Delaney of SoolNua, said: “We are particularly delighted about the diverse nature of entries coming from different sectors of our industry and the creative ways in which they have found solutions to the challenges facing them.

“The BMA has become a unique centerpiece of the ICCA Congress, the only award in our industry that combines careful, detailed scrutiny of each entry by a team of past winners and other marketing experts with the voting input from hundreds of peers from around the world.”

At the standard registration deadline, which expired last week, a record-number of more than 1,000 ICCA member-suppliers and associations had already registered for this year’s 56th ICCA Congress, promising to make the this the biggest edition of an ICCA Congress ever.

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