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Weighing in on 2018

“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”

This 2007 quotation from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (pictured) is proof that making predictions for the future is utter folly.

It also happens to be quite enjoyable, and so, following last week’s round up of industry predictions for 2018, I thought I’d stick my oar in with a few of my own.

Short lead times

Short lead times have quickly gone from being an unwelcome trend to becoming the new normal. However, if the experience of one of my contacts - who recently took a request from a client at the beginning of December for a conference happening in January - is anything to go by, 2018 will see short taken to new extremes.


Brazil is currently a buyer’s market, with plenty of availability and choice thanks to all the brand new properties built for the 2014 World Cup and Rio Olympics in 2016. The last couple of years of political turmoil have calmed down - for now – so could this year be the right time to go to Rio? Perception will be key.


A short hop from the UK, glorious weather, beautiful architecture and an innovative approach to meetings and events – the Portuguese capital is a hotbed of potential for the industry. Portugal is one of the few major European countries to remain relatively unaffected by terrorism in recent years, so it’s seen as a safe destination.


The shock of the EU referendum result is over and the tedium of another year of negotiations lies before us. As the great sage Doris Day once opined, whatever will be, will be. But the industry isn’t going to sit around twiddling its thumbs until March 2019, or whenever we end up leaving, so expect this year to be one of knuckling down and getting on with things.

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