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Event date/time: 31/12/2018 00:01-23:59


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When you entertain clients, are you breaking the law on bribery?

Will you still be breaking the law even if you are only a commercial provider of corporate hospitality?

Is the traditional fam trip or hospitality ticket now a criminal offence for both buyer and seller?

The Bribery Act introduced new guidelines and criminal penalties for non-compliance. Its jurisdiction is worldwide. Hospitality to prospective clients now has to be 'reasonable and proportionate' and the only defence in law is to have an internal compliance system in place BEFORE the hospitality event takes place.
Because anyone can bring a claim about non-compliance with the Act, globally, this is one piece of legislation even occasional event organisers or corporate attendees can no longer afford to ignore. You can learn from one of the UK's leading legal experts how the Bribery Act affects business to business corporate hospitality, what can and cannot be offered, what the Serious Fraud Office and senior police officers think is acceptable and not acceptable, what the requirements are for compliance and what the penalties are for getting it wrong.

Target audience: Corporate buyers, agency event organisers and event suppliers

Speakers include:

John Cassey - John heads the litigation and investigations practice for Protiviti in the UK, a leading international risk consulting company. He has spent over 30 years undertaking high profile fraud and criminal investigations, originally for HM Revenue & Customs and latterly on behalf of commercial organisations. He also acts as an advisor at the highest levels for commercial, professional and government clients throughout the world. John is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

John Fisher - As a director of brand and incentives consultancy FMI Group and 30 year veteran of hospitality events, both domestic and international, he will explore the many ways agencies market to their clients using hospitality and the way the trade markets to agencies 'below-the-line'. He queries whether techniques like the traditional fam trip or tickets to a show are now criminal offences, both to offer and to accept, whether you are a corporate buyer or an agency.

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