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Conference Aston to strip wardrobes from bedrooms for nudist event

Birmingham venue to bare all by stripping wardrobes from hotel bedrooms ahead of nudist summit

Pictured: The Conference Aston team will be hard at work removing wardrobes ahead of the nudist summit

Birmingham’s biggest residential conference venue will be baring all by stripping wardrobes from its hotel bedrooms as a nudist summit ascends upon the city.

Conference Aston will remove 163 wardrobes from its four-star standard bedrooms to cater for the National Un-Dressed Exhibition (NUDE), which will be taking place on Sunday 5 June to coincide with World Naturist Day. 

In addition to removing wardrobes and dressing gowns from bedrooms, Conference Aston will also be hosting key speakers such as NUDE’s president, Cameron Streak, who will be discussing legislation, cultural experiences and camping holidays in its theatre room, providing a menu of meatballs and mackerel from its Courtyard restaurant and even showcasing a gardening tutorial in its Great Hall.

Ivana Flash, event manager at NUDE, said: “While nudist conferences are on the rise in the UK, NUDE still remains the biggest one. Therefore, it’s important to us that we select a venue that can handle our size and meet our unique needs. Conference Aston was the perfect choice for us - as Birmingham’s largest residential venue that has hotel rooms on site, it means our delegates don’t have to walk around a city centre to get from the conference to the hotel rooms.  

“The venue has also been very accommodating to our somewhat unusual needs. As a community, we find wardrobes incredibly offensive and so we we’re thrilled when Conference Aston assured us that they would remove them from the rooms. It’s these above and beyond touches that will see us return to this venue in the future.”

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