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Zibrant launches ‘industry first’ software/agency hybrid


Zibrant has launched a new online event management portal incorporating Arcaneo Metron software.

Chris Parnham, managing director - operations for Zibrant, said the initiative was an industry first because it offers a technology/agency hybrid: “People can choose a specialised agency to manage their events or, if they’re an experienced planner, they can opt for technology like StarCite or Cvent,” he explained.

“Our solution gives people everything they need – comprehensive technology together with the support of an agency and no one has done that before.”

The Zibrant Application Portal (ZAPP), which cost £100,000 to develop, offers all of the planning, booking, management and reporting tools enjoyed by Arcaneo customers, while a Zibrant team administer and support the bookings behind the scenes.

Parnham added: “We looked at all the systems out there and selected Arcaneo, although we are also still looking at partnerships with StarCite and Cvent. We have bought the system and incorporated it into our own portal for resale to our clients. Like-for-like it is cheaper and the technology is supported by Zibrant, so customers don’t have to call Canada or the US – they will deal with the team they know.”

The system is currently being piloted with 10 Zibrant clients, said Parnham. “The feedback has been that this is exactly what they’ve been looking for. We pitched to huge global pharmaceutical company and they loved it. We will be finalising our first contracts soon.”

Pictured: Zibrant's Chris Parnham

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