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More than 100 arrests at ExCeL arms fair

More than 100 people have now been arrested in London in protests at the world’s biggest arms fair

Pictured: Protesters at the DSEI arms fair at London ExCeL

More than 100 people have now been arrested trying to prevent companies from exhibiting at the world’s biggest arms fair.

The biennial Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is taking place this week at London ExCeL. Peace activists have been blockading the venue for a week in a bid to stop the arrival of weapons, vehicles and other military equipment.

The protests have now seen 102 arrests in seven days, mostly for obstructing the highway, according to the Metropolitan police. The protesters, from Stop the Arms Fair, have blocked both entrances and tried to prevent the delivery of items by forming human barricades.

Speaking before the fair opened, a DSEI spokesperson said: "We are aware that protests have been taking place near to the ExCeL campus in London this week - setup of DSEI is unaffected and on schedule.”

  • Anonymous user 14/09/2017

    I have read with interest your article re the protesters at the ExCel arms fair.

    As a mother who lost my 23-year-old son to knife crime earlier this year, I can only applaud and thank these protesters for what they are doing for the safety of all.

    Murder by weapons (whether for defence or attack purposes) has reached unbelievable numbers and companies should not be promoting or mass exhibiting weapons of any kind. Who are the DSEI aiming their sales at? If for countries/ governments, then surely they should advertise their goods secretly to those interested - it's not as if they don't know who they are. Do they really need to display them proudly as trophies for everyone to view?

    I am proud to say that I work for a pharma company who finds cures for illnesses and prolongs life for those who need it. Does the UK really want to be seen as promoting the sale of weapons for murder?

    If I was brave enough, didn't live by myself and didn't have a mortgage to pay, I would be standing besides those protesters too!

    Again, thank you all who stand up to those who want to destroy life, not save them!

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