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Unique Venues of London was founded in 1993. Our company is built on the bedrock of excellence and we have maintained the aim throughout our 23 years in business to unlock some of London’s most unusual and prestigious events spaces.

The association was launched to showcase and celebrate London’s diverse venue scene, while offering valuable problem sharing and networking opportunities to the industry. First launched as, The Independent Association of Function Venues, as membership grew the name was changed to Unique Venues of London, reflecting the broadening range of unique venues within the organisation.

Now with 83 members, the association has grown considerably from its original incarnation. However it was, and still is, our aim to unlock some of London’s most amazing, unusual and prestigious events spaces. Our continuing success over the years is rooted in our heritage.

With more and more London landmarks offering hospitality and events as alternative revenue streams some exclusive spaces have opened up for corporate and private bookings. From a dazzling dinner in The White Tower of the Tower of London or a stunning drinks reception in the round at Shakespeare’s Globe, it’s all about the unusual, the stylish and the enchanting.

At Unique Venues of London we directly appeal to those looking for something more memorable than the average meetings and events space. Our membership is chosen against a stringent set of criteria, and the rigorous joining process is key to the prestige of our association, ensuring that only the cream-of-the-crop are inducted.

We boast world heritage sites, landmarks that have been awarded RIBA Sterling prizes for their architectural significance and some of the capital’s quirkiest hidden gems. We offer a plethora of esoteric venues – no hotels and no purpose built conference centres. These range from the grandeur of Kensington Palace through to the intimate refinement of Benjamin Franklin House. Each member has an interesting story to tell of its own and is supported by highly-qualified hospitality and events teams.

One of the key features of our member venues that set them head and shoulders above the pack are the amazing added value opportunities available to anyone hosting an event from a blue chip conference to a small celebratory dinner. This could be a tour around a palace’s private collections, interacting with exotic animals at ZSL London Zoo or a backstage experience at the National Theatre.

As such, adding value to an event is a crucial aspect of what makes Unique Venues of London venues different from many other London venues, offering that extra dimension which truly brings an event to life without impacting significantly on the bottom line.

Furthermore, any space, however grand, sleek or stylish must be complemented by the very best suppliers. Over the years we have established strong relationships with some of the UK’s top providers of catering, production, flowers and entertainment, creating a directory for would-be clients to create a bespoke event, tailored down to the finest details, delivering a spectacular experience on any scale.

Our membership is perfectly positioned to unlock the treasures of this great city! Steeped in so much history, London has timeless appeal for business tourists both for seminars and exhibitions, and for post-event leisure. It is also a multicultural city, with a diverse array of galleries, museums and festivals for delegates to experience and enjoy during their time in London.

We also share ideas and knowledge within our membership, looking at ways in which we can mutually improve our practices to ensure we are offering the very best service to current and prospective clients.

It is this comprehensive service and an exquisite collection of some of London’s most amazing venues that makes us a natural choice for discerning connoisseur or corporate looking for something different, something timeless and above all something sophisticated for their next event.

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